Purely Sweet Pea Waters – 16oz


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Enjoy the ultimate clean, gentle, moisturizing and refreshing toilet experience with any toilet paper. With natural and organic ingredients, Unscented Waters are pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, environmentally-friendly, and safe for infants. During frequent toilet visits, relief is a spray away.

  • The 2 oz. size comes in a conveniently portable, refillable & sturdy glass container that fits anywhere.
  • All 16 oz. Cleanzing bottles attach to the Spraymiss dispenser.
  • The 34 oz. size provides tremendous savings. It’s made of #2 recyclable plastic, is safe to use in showers, and can be used to refill 2 & 16 oz. bottles.

Select Fragrance-free or one of your favorite five scents.

“Goodbye Dry, Hello Clean!”

Cleanzing Waters Sweet Pea 16oz Organic