Granite Gloss Concentrate

Purely Citrus Verbena Granite Gloss Concentrate

The cleaning power and savings contained within this 4 oz bottle are just amazing! Granite Gloss Concentrate is the most earth-friendly, efficient, and economical way to clean your granite & stainless steel, marble, tile, porcelain, ceramics & coated wood. No other product out there cleans so many surfaces so well, with safe organic ingredients. Enjoy the same benefits of Granite Gloss at a fraction of the cost. Just empty the contents of one 4 oz bottle into a 34 oz trigger-spray bottle, top off with 30 oz of water, shake 10 times and you’re done! By using a 4 oz bottle and reusing your 34 oz bottle with Granite Gloss Concentrate, you are dramatically helping to reduce plastic consumption. Your surfaces will shine with a sheen like never before!