The Cleanzing System

Each Cleanzing Company personal care product is part of a total body System that simultaneously elevates your personal hygienic lifestyle while reducing the impact on our planet. The Cleanzing System includes:

  • Waters to:
    • Enhance your toilet experience with a cleaner, moister wipe
      Goodbye Dry – Hello Clean!
    • Tone and refresh your face & body
  • Skin Moisturizers that are color-safe and make your skin supple
  • Washes that provide head to toe, pH-balanced natural cleanzing, and are color-safe
  • Hair Conditioners leaving hair super soft & manageable with the quality of expensive salon brands & natural goodness

All Cleanzing personal care products are hypoallergenic, and are made with natural plant-based organic ingredients and essential oils. They are available fragrance-free, and in a variety of scents: Lavender Chamomile, Citrus Verbena, Green Tease, Iced Mint and Sweet Pea. Packaged in attractive, refillable, 2 oz. and 16 oz. bottles, the economical 34 oz. size can be used to easily refill smaller bottles.

At the heart of the Cleanzing System is Spraymiss, a touch-free liquid and lotion dispenser that conveniently snaps onto our 16 oz. bottles. Your touch-free Spraymiss will dispense products without spreading germs, further elevating your hygienic lifestyle. Spraymiss helps to reduce waste by only dispensing the amount you need and by using refillable bottles.

Why Cleanzing Waters? buy now

Wipes have been used for decades to clean infants, remove make-up, and to satisfy the age old quest for better hygiene and an improved toilet experience. But at what cost? Wipes have major personal and environmental drawbacks. Wipes leave your skin feeling greasy. Unlike toilet paper which is designed to degrade safely, wipes are made with non-biodegradable plastics that clog septic systems and foul municipal water treatment plants. Even worse, as wipes enter our oceans, they fragment into polluting micro-plastics which are ingested irreversibly by marine life, wreaking havoc with our seafood supply.

All hypoallergenic, Witch Hazel-based Cleanzing Waters are pH-balanced, safe for men, babies, and on women’s’ private parts. Waters have an amazing variety of uses:

  • Waters provide an elevated toilet experience using your toilet paper of choice. After one use, you’ll say, “Goodbye Dry – Hello Clean!”
  • Adults use Waters daily as a facial toner and a make-up remover
  • After changing a baby’s diaper, Waters help to safely clean the mess…especially in tandem with Wipe & Washcloths™.

Hair & Body Wash buy now

Experience a full body cleaning, with pH-balanced & color-safe Cleanzing Washes. Perfect for men, women & babies alike, one product cleans your body from head to toe, reducing bathroom clutter without the need for multiple products.


Hair Conditioner buy now

Restore your hair’s luster with color-safe Cleanzing Hair Conditioners that make hair smoother and shinier. Conditioners protect each hair’s cuticle by sealing nutrients in and pollutants out. They also make hair easier to style.

Value-minded customers will be pleased to know that our Cleanzing Hair Conditioners stack up against leading salon brands that cost 3 times more than Cleanzing!

Tip: Make sure to leave your conditioner on for several minutes before rinsing in order to maximize its benefits!

Skin Moisturizer buy now

Like the whole family of Cleanzing personal care products, hypoallergenic Skin Moisturizers are formulated for men, women & babies. They elevate your hygienic lifestyle by soothing your face & body. Perfect as daily, light facial moisturizer, they can be applied to your whole body. They are excellent for moisturizing and soothing your baby’s skin, especially after a diaper change. Our unscented and scented moisturizers are refreshing, quickly absorb into your skin, and won’t leave you feeling greasy.