34 oz Granite Gloss, Glass Gloss and 16 oz Dish Liquid


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Your kitchen will sparkle with the fabulous items in this kit. Our Dish liquid cuts through the toughtes grease and grime on your pots and pans. The Granite Gloss is safe for granite, tile and more. The Glass Gloss leaves a streak-free shine on your windows.

• Cleanzing Dish Liquid (16oz) – Cuts through the toughest grease while softening your hands with all-natural/organic goodness. Pair with Spraymiss touch- free dispenser.

• Cleanzing Granite Gloss (34oz) – Superb for cleaning most surfaces, especially granite, tile, stainless steel & coated wood.

• Cleanzing Glass Gloss (34oz) – Cleans windows easily & quickly. Streak-free.

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