Spraymiss Starter


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Change your bathroom experience with Cleanzing Waters and be good for the planet at the same time. Adding the Spraymiss Dispenser controls how much Waters is dispensed making it quick and much more economical that wipes. Our unscented is perfect for the nursery.

• Spraymiss Dispenser – Tough free dispenser eliminates spreading germs by contact. Saves time and controls dispensed volume (2 settings). Easily washed; separates in a snap. Counter or wall mount. Battery operated (4-C batteries)

• Cleanzing Waters – Provide the most soothing, all-natural, economical, and eco-friendly wet wipe for your toilet experience. Hydrate & clean your face, or remove make-up with luxurious goodness. Delight your skin any time of day with a refreshing spritz that revives & awakens your senses. Makes baby clean-ups convenient, kind to your wallet, & ocean-healthy.

• Cleanzing Wipe & Wash Cloth – Generously oversized & ideal for hypersensitive skin. Soft, super plush and 100% hypoallergenic cotton. 17.3″ 17.3″

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