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Your kitchen, hard surfaces and laundry will be brighter and cleaner than ever with the fabulous items in this kit. Cleanzing Dish Liquid cuts through the toughest grease and grime on your pots and pans. Cleanzing Laundry, like our Dish Liquid, is available in 4 organic essential oil, Iced Mint, Lavender Chamomile, Citrus Verbena and Fragrance-free (with aloe), and it’s one of the best values in the all-natural Laundry market. With 128 loads per gallon, you’ll realize super-soft and bright laundry and save room in your wallet for other pleasures! Granite Gloss is safe for granite, tile and all hard surfaces – even coated wood. Glass Gloss Multi-Surface Cleaner is made with 70% ethanol, what the CDC recommends for sanitizing surfaces, and it provides a streak-free shine on your glass, stainless steel and hard surfaces.

• Cleanzing Dish Liquid (16oz) – Cuts through the toughest grease while softening your hands with all-natural/organic goodness. Pair this with our Spraymiss touch-free dispenser for faster dishwashing!

• Cleanzing Granite Gloss (34oz) – Superb for cleaning most surfaces, especially granite, tile, stainless steel & coated wood.

• Cleanzing Glass Gloss Multi-Surface Cleaner (34oz) – Sanitizes hard surfaces easily & quickly. Your glass and hard surfaces will be streak/grime-free glass and safe from COVID-19 contamination.

• Cleanzing Laundry is High Efficiency – HE – Our Laundry Detergents are formulated for deep cleaning during both hot and cold cycles, providing optimal stain removal for white and colored fabrics. One gallon of our concentrated and economical Cleanzing Laundry Detergent yields up to 128 wash loads and deliver the results you expect, wash after wash!

• Spraymiss Touch-free Dispenser – Designed for convenience and efficiency, Spraymiss dispensers eliminate spreading germs by contact. Counter or wall-mounted Spraymiss can dispense Cleanzing Dish Liquid, Waters, Wash, and Moisturizer. Elevate your home and personal cleaning regimen with a Spraymiss, & you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! Use with 4 C-batteries (not included). Can be ordered onsite separately.

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