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Your kitchen will sparkle with the fabulous items in this kit. The Granite Gloss is safe for granite, tile and more. The Glass Gloss leaves a streak -free shine on your windows. Cleanzing Dish liquid comes with our handy Spraymiss hands-free dispenser to easily dispense a measured amount and refills are avaliable. Our Laundry detergent will give you 120 loads from just one bottle and is perfect for your (HE) washer.

• Spraymiss Dispenser – Tough free dispenser eliminates spreading germs by contact. Saves time and controls dispensed volume (2 settings). Easily washed; separates in a snap. Counter or wall mount. Battery operated (4-C batteries)

• Cleanzing Dish Liquid – Cuts through the toughest grease while softening your hands with all-natural/organic goodness. Pair with Spraymiss touc- free dispenser.

• Cleanzing Laundry Detergent – Best price & performance for an all-natural laundry detergent. High Efficiency (HE) – requires on 2 oz per large load. Colors & whites are brightened & softened. Formulated for the most sensitive skin types; hypoallergenic means it's not only great for senstitive adult skin types, but babies too!

• Cleanzing Granite Gloss – Superb for cleaning most surfaces, especially granite, tile, stainless steel & coated wood.

• Cleanzing Glass Gloss – Cleans windows easily & quickly. Streak-free.

• 2 Oversized Hand Towels – Plush, hypoallergenic, ultra-soft, breathable & fast-drying terry cloth woven in a tight geometric design, these white towels are a pleasure to touch, and are ideal for everyone! Your hands and face will thank you! You simply won’t find a more luxurious, 100% cotton towel! Dimensions: 31.5” x 15.7” Ideal for hypersensitive skin

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