16 oz Waters & Washcloth Refresher


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Our full-sized Waters and Wash Cloth is a perfect make-up remover or addition to your babies changing table. Also a great addition to your toilet routine. pH-balanced and dermatologist tester. A new way to clean that is great for the environment.

• Cleanzing Waters – Provide the most soothing, all-natural, economical, and eco-friendly wet wipe for your toilet experience. Hydrate & clean your face, or remove make-up with luxurious goodness. Delight your skin any time of day with a refreshing spritz that revives & awakens your senses. Makes baby clean-ups convenient, kind to your wallet, & ocean-healthy.

• Cleanzing Wipe & Wash Cloth – Generously oversized & ideal for hypersensitive skin. Soft, super plush and 100% hypoallergenic cotton. 17.3″ 17.3″

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